Purpose Driven Poker

purpose Driven poker

purpose Driven poker


Made in China, Lisa came to the United States at the age of three. She paid for college as a professional print and runway model in Chicago and Milwaukee markets. Graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with honors. Represented Chicago in the 2005 Miss Chinese International (MCI) Pageant broadcasted by TVB in Hong Kong. Became an executive at a global consulting firm. Although a Manag- ement Consultant by trade, Lisa has always been a poker player at heart. Mom of three and devoted wife, Lisa’s purpose is to fulfill God’s plan for her life and to see, love and help others achieve their purpose.

It all started with a dream.

This is the story of my life told through my experiences at the poker table. Inspired by actual dreams, it’s a memoir written in faith and obedience while still a losing poker player. The vision is that I’ll have this book in hand as I walk on that stage to accept the bracelet. Then there will be no doubt that it was God who delivered the miraculous victory and God who will be glorified.

The initial book is “table stakes” and just the beginning. The book itself is the first in a series and will also be available in an audiobook podcast hybrid version with debrief and discussions between chapters. The bigger dream after the bracelet is to build community and help others through both poker and purpose coaching. Join me on this journey and share your stories at chasepurpose@purposedrivenpoker.com

Purpose Driven Poker How an unlikely, unknown, alcoholic mom, dominated poker by GRACE through FAITH. This is the true, miraculous, story of my life. How God wrote it, and how I lived it. Unlikely, unkno- wn, and alcoholic are all descri- ptions of my past. Dominating poker is a declaration of the future. Let me be clear, at the time of writing this, I am a losing poker player, in arguably the worst stretch of non-results in my 19+ years of playing. I have not won ANY tournam- ent, let alone a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet, yet I know it is already mine. This book details my journey and accounts the countless miracles, confirmations and evidence of God’s relentless love in my life. My God made me a promise, and He does not bluff.

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